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Pangea Leafy Vine

Pangea Leafy Vine

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New and improved Leafy Vine
Leaves directly attached to stem
Large, vibrant, colorful leaves
Easy to clean material
Includes 4 suction cups with hooks
6 feet long
We have spent a lot of time getting these right and they finally are ready! We have officially upgraded our Leafy Vines. Once you try this leafy vine you will never go back.

These large leaves fill up your terrarium more and also give your animals more area to hide. The leave's vibrant colors will make any terrarium look great. Not only did we aim for a great-looking plant, but we also made sure the quality was unparalleled! The leaves are directly attached to the stem so they won't get pulled off during washing or through regular use, unlike competitors' leaves.

These vines are 6 feet in length, so you can cover a large stretch of area. They also include 4 free suction cups with hooks to make positioning the long vine much easier. Additionally, they are made of plastic which makes them easy to clean and disinfect.

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